Mommy can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since Campbell was born.  A few months ago, she was a tiny, itty-bitty baby and today (August 5) she took her first steps!  Mommy and Daddy cried tears of joy and then tears that we’d forever be chasing our little girl around this big city.  It’s just a few days until her first birthday and we can’t imagine our life without her.  She and Rugby have finally become best friends and we’ve finally figured out how to get her to sleep!  Here’s a video of her first steps:

August had already been a ton a fun with visits to Mantoloking and our first trip with the baby to the Sag Harbor beach – photo shoot opp!



Flying home from Rochester from Daddy’s High School reunion.

July was a fun-filled month complete with a spontaneous trip with just Mom and Campbell to Martha’s Vineyard to stay with the Moss’!  We swam in the pool, walked around Edgartown, ate at great restaurants, did some shopping, raided the Black Dog store and got to play with the Moss girls – Ella and Avery, who were excellent hosts!  But no trip would be complete without Campbell peeing on Mimi Moss – sorry about that!  Awkward…

Anyhoo, July also included a visit to SH from our favorite 3-month old girls, Vivan and Daisy Durling!  The sweetest little babies ever!  Mom and Dad were very impressed by Amy and Chapin’s putting-the-babies-to-sleep skills!  Put them down, walk out and turn the sound on the monitor off!  Very impressive…and it worked!!


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than to be sharing my first birthday with my baby girl.  We had a great weekend out in Southampton with Emily, Jen and Ambreen that included a trip to a vineyard, pooltime, a BBQ and of course lots of kisses from Campbell and Rugby.

Campbell, Mom, Dad and Rugby had the pleasure of spending 4th of July Weekend out in Southampton.  The week was filled with fun playdates with Carson, Abie and Zach, time in the pool with Dad, play time with Rugby and a July 4th parade in town.  Campbell also celebrated Independence Day with a little independence of her own as she took to walking (with a little help).

Thanks to Aunt Jen, Campbell and I not only got to watch them tape Sesame Street at the Central Park Zoo, but the producers asked Campbell and I if we wouldn’t mind being on the show!  Watch out Hollywood, Campbell Ashley is on her way.  We’ll be on this September 2012 doing the “Word of the Day”: Attach.  We’ll be attaching Campbell into her Baby Bjorn.  Pics below  Stay tuned for airdate…

Campbell kicked off her first Summer by hosting a whole lotta family fun out in Southampton!  Highlights included a picnic in Sag Harbor, playing whiffle ball, bbqing, eating lots of ice cream, hanging out by the pool and playing with all her cousins.

A picture is worth a thousand words… 8 1/2 months

1st trip to Central Park

The Rogoffs celebrated our first Mother’s Day with a perfect sunny NYC weekend.  Campbell took mommy to the park for a picnic with all her favorite foods, Daddy and Campbell gave Mommy the most beautiful diamond necklace with a “C” engraved and Rugby gave mom the cutest card.  Daddy even finished the perfect weekend by cooking a fancy dinner including a wild mushroom and shrimp dish.   I couldn’t have asked for more – I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful family.  Happy 1st Mother’s Day to me!


Spring is here!

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30 Apr 2012

It’s Springtime in NYC and in Madison Square Park.  For Campbell, that means blooming trees, pretty dresses, music classes at Appleseeds, trips to Bedford to visit Henry and lots of laughing to do!  Check out this video of Mommy tickling and teasing Campbell after dinner.




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