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Campbell’s life has gotten infinitely more exciting over the past few months.  She’s just starting to realize all there is to do and see! So (un)lucky for us she no longer believes in naps – apparently, there’s no time! Some of Campbell’s new favorite activities include eating solids, eating paper, eating her toys, getting into [...]

Last week, Campbell and Daddy started Baby Beluga swimming classes at the 14th street Y.  There are 5 other babies in her class and see loves the water.  This week they actually dunked the babies under the water!  I think Mommy was more nervous than baby, but don’t think she liked it all that much.  [...]

Since Campbell was in Rochester last, she’s learned how to roll, sit, stand in her crib and most importantly, laugh!  Of which she did ALL while visiting her cousins, aunts, uncles and Papa in Rochester this weekend.  But, this weekend did bring a first – Campbell’s first DRIVE to Rochester…all 8 HOURS of it!  Complete [...]

This Sunday, Campbell hosted 10 of her closest baby friends for a group playdate – complete with wine and beer for the moms and dads.  While she was the littlest one there, she was also the smily-est!  She’s also taken up several new hobbies including sucking on daddy’s nose, eating the remote control, Mommy’s iPhone [...]

Campbell is 7 months  (and 15 lbs, 2 oz) and over night, she learned how to sit, stand in the crib and crawl around the house.  Don’t think we know what we’ve gotten ourselves into.  She screams with delight when she sees Rugby (and mommy) and cringes at the sight of peas and applesauce.  We [...]

Happy Baby!

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13 Mar 2012

Campbell is 6 1/2 months and one smiley, happy baby! …and very close to crawling – check out her first “push up!”

We celebrated Grampy Henry’s birthday last weekend with a yummy dinner Brett cooked, lots o presents and a big chocolate birthday cake to follow.  Campbell also got a present – her own monogrammed bloomers!  Thanks Aunt Ambreen!! See highlights below.  

Campbell hung out with not one, not two, but three boys this week – twins, Andrew and Ryan Skolnick and Bowie Jaffe!  Check out the lovebirds together below.  Last week also recorded the milestone of Campbell’s introduction to solid foods!  We’re not talking surf n turf quite yet – more along the lines of Rice [...]

…well maybe not “world”…but to celebrate Campbell’s 6 month birthday, we took a family vacation Puerto Rico (minus little Rugby).  Mom and Dad prepared for the worst – meaning no sleep, no lounge time and no quiet time, but the little girl surprised us all by playing by herself at the pool and charming all [...]

Now that Miss Campbell is a squirmy, curious little girl, capturing her monthly picture is not as easy as it used to be. It took 30 snapshots, a dog and one crumpled, stomped on, half-eaten sign to get the job done.  Here’s a quick look at some of the outtakes….

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