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Today, Campbell took her first trip to Buy Buy Baby – the first of many I’m sure. She slept the whole time while I shopped for a bathtub for her. Who knew an outing to buy a bathtub could be the main event of your day? It was also the first day where Lynn left [...]

Today was a busy day filled with visitors! Campbell loved every moment of it since she got to show off her sleeping skills. In the am, we had Nooy, Kate and Ian come by. Ian got to hold Campbell for the first time, but Katie proved to be a pro beyond all of us. In [...]

C went for her weigh in today and she is finally at birth weight and then some! 6lbs 14 oz! this means mommy and baby are both doing their job and we can put the projectile vomiting episode from yesteryear (yesterday) behind us. Today i also planned for a fun photoshoot with Miss C including [...]

I went to my OB today for the first time since C’s birth to check on my incision. Good news for me I’ve lost 17lbs already (probably b/c dinner at the hospital for 5 night was beef stroganoff or meatloaf). I got a good report and was encouraged by my doc to consider giving baby [...]

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Welcome to Campbell Rogoff's website! Campbell was born on August 23, 2011 at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC (where her mom was born). We set up this site so friends and family can take a break from their busy day to see what Campbell's up to - and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

As Campbell's parents we promise to keep this updated with new pictures, stories and milestones so check back often and enjoy!